Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits, often referred to as “Fringe” Benefits or “Perks” are provided to employees over and above salary and wages. A solid benefits package can help to recruit, retain and reward talent. Benefits can help give you an edge over your competitors who are not offering them. Offering benefits also shows employees that you are not only invested in their overall health, but their future as well. As a full service broker we represent all major carriers allowing us to provide a full range of market options to our clients. There is no one-size-fits-all in employee benefits.

Healthcare can be very expensive. Having the right plan in place can act as a safety net that can help cover the cost if an individual/employee unexpectedly gets sick or injured. When employees have access to wellness, preventive care doctor visits, and Telemedicine programs, your overall business environment is healthier. Fewer employees out on sick days – and fewer people coming in to work while ill — equals increased productivity and profitability.

Did you know that Dental hygiene and your overall health are directly linked? The same goes with Vision. While these benefits are often looked at as secondary to Health insurance, many ailments can be detected through routine dental and vision care. These benefits can be offered on a contributory or voluntary basis, helping to round out your benefits package.

Life insurance can be offered as an employee sponsored benefit, with Basic Life insurance, as a voluntary benefit with Voluntary Life, or as an employer you can offer BOTH! There are even tax benefits when offering life insurance. We have different techniques to help keep these premiums low and attractive to both the employer and employee. If you’re interested in offering life insurance to your employees, be sure to ask us about “The Stoner Special”.

Disability insurance provides a source of income, which we like to refer to as “paycheck protection” to employees who are unable to work due to an accident or illness. We work with carriers to offer both Short-Term and Long-Term disability.
Our proprietary Section 105 plan allows business owners to reimburse their employees for medical costs tax-free. These reimbursement plans offer a creative, cost-effective alternative for employees facing higher deductibles.

Value Added Services

Partnered Outsource Services

At times, there is need for other services. Though we do not market these services, we will outsource with longevity partners who are experts in these areas to assist with your needs.

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